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Music artist Sipho Matonsi, professionally known as dope_mtf, originally is from Zimbabwe but currently is living in Killarney, Ireland. He was born in a city called Bulawayo, which is also known as The City of Kings.

His roots are very important to him. It is a way of his life and what helps survive and thrive in this world.

His musical journey started unexpectedly, just being in the right place at the right time. "I noticed I could write rhymes and make sense out of them in 2012. Basically, I was in class with my friend, and he started banging the desk and rapping, and I was just there listening. The next day I came to school with a page full of rhymes," says Sipho. 

The most interesting fact is that Sipho was not even a hip-hop fan back then. He believes that he was not inspired by anyone to make music. It just happened to be in the right class at the right time when he found out he could make music like hip hop. "It’s something that I came to love after being close to people who loved it," he says. 


Sipho grew up listening to numerous albums of Eminem. "The Marshall Mathers LP 2", "The Eminem Show" and "Recovery" were his favourite ones. He also was a fan of other artists, such as Hopsin and B.O.B.

"My first song was about a Mercedes Benz. My cousin had a music software with samples of instruments and melodies in his MacBook. He put it all together, made a beat, and we got to the writing. That is how the song was done," Sipho shares the story about his first-ever song.

He admits that any positive remark from anybody motivates him. However, his mom and his friends inspire him the most.

Not a secret that musician loves music that makes sense and has direction. That is why great content that puts some weight on the song and humour is one of the most things he likes to incorporate on a song. 


The messages Sipho sends through his songs depend on what type of mood he was in at the time. "Whether the song is a sad song or a happy song, at the end of the day, I’ll be trying to let people know what’s happening without supporting bad behaviour," explains Sipho. 

He believes that sometimes "Shit Happens, F*ck it", and that is why he admires rappers who have a very similar attitude to his, such as Eminem, Hopsin, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, J Cole, and Kendrick Lamar. 

"Music makes me happy, and I feel good when I’m listening to an instrumental that I like. My brain starts working then, and I am like is this me coming up with such clever words?," smiles Sipho.

His future goals as a musician are to make music that people can relate to in any situation they may be going through and "get that paper."

When we asked what one message he would give to his fans, Sipho answered: "Good music is coming your way." So, stay tuned and do not forget to check out his YouTube channel!