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Rap artist Shary Imran, as well as known as PakMan, was born in Pakistan and moved to Ireland at the age of 3. His roots have always stayed with him throughout his life, especially traditions and beliefs about the various foods and festivities.

At the age of 13, he decided to take action and bring a new piece of music to the world. He wrote his first song called "Invincible" which was about having fun and living life.

"You only live once." The phrase you can hear from this rap artist lips very often. Not because he doesn’t care about the future, but because it best describes his point of view. You can read this message in his songs, as well as feel positive vibes and motivation to never give up.


Music has always been a big part of his life as he grew up listening to a lot of different styles and genres of music. However, the rap king Drake is his idol and still takes the first place on his list. We must admit that they have something in common. But oh well, you will need to check out his songs and decide yourself!

"I enjoy making and working on music, and what I hate is that I can’t be in a studio 24/7," says a loyal client of Infinity Studio.

The interesting fact is that his best lyrics turned out to be a result of freestyling during the recording session. 


Shary reveals that his biggest inspiration is when people listen and discuss with him about the music. "No matter what, music is the one thing that can always be there," he says. 

Shary believes that more opportunities for upcoming artists rather than more mainstream artists could change the music industry for better. 

"Fans play a big part in supporting us when we make and release music, and if it wasn’t for fans around the world, we wouldn’t have so many incredible artists in the world," this message would be the one PakMan would like to give to his listeners.