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Leeroy: under this artist name hides an Irish musician Lee Loughlin who was born in Tralee, County Kerry. His rough childhood story is a result of the songs he brought to life so far. 

"My life was built around lies, secrets, alcohol, manipulation, physical and mental abuse from as young, as I can remember," reveals Leeroy.

Before Lee moved to Killarney, he spent most of his life in the countryside. He even spent a couple of months in a centre for women and children with his younger brothers and baby sister when he was separated from his father at the age of 12.  


Lee has always wanted to make music ever since he was a young boy, but he would never speak out loud about it. However, the story changed its direction in 2018. Then he was offered to use a home studio in his hometown Milltown, the place that helped him grow.  

There he wrote and recorded his first song named "Men don’t cry". The song was dedicated to a good friend of Lee that committed suicide even though he seemed fine with his life. "My first song was about the idea that men are seen as weak, and they shouldn’t cry," - he reveals. 

"I was inspired to start my music career when I and a friend of mine, named Adam Conde, visited an old friend of mine, Darren Kelly's house. I remember his mother treating us like her own children then. Turns out, I was inspired by the idea of love. The idea that my siblings shouldn’t have to struggle, and people shouldn’t be upset and showing no consideration towards others," says Lee.  


As a child, Lee was listening to all styles of music, such as Johnny Cash, Elvis, John Denver, Michael Jackson, and even opera music. But the main album of his life was “Good kid, M.a.a.d city” by his idol Kendrick Lamar. Besides, the artist believes that his mission is to bump fists with Kendrick Lamar someday! 

 “Please, don’t call my music rap,” says a loyal client of Infinity Studio. Lee makes music for the people, and it must be real. According to him, the most important thing making music is not talking about things you don’t have or don’t do unless you can carry that in the real world.

He thinks that music has changed a lot, and music on the radio has no soul anymore. That is why the artist decided to be true to himself rather than be true to everyone. 

"I’m here to expose the pollution that’s in the music," the music artist shares his mission. His sayings are simple: "no stress" and "in good time we are going to get what is ours." This viewpoint helps him send optimistic messages through his songs and encourage others to be themselves.  

The Irish musician enjoys trying to push himself to speak on topics people are afraid of and step in different lands, and not be repetitive with no creativity.


"I’m the same as you, don’t praise anyone. I just hope you smile when you hear me in my music. I’m here for the times you go to your room, turn the lights off, grab your pillow, and just cry. Don’t worry because I’m there with you, even when the ones you love aren’t there for you," Lee encourages his fans.