Ivan Baždarić

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Ivan Bazdaric, one of Infinity Studio founders, has always had a dream to be involved in the world of music and video production. Finally, in 2019 spring, his dream came true as he and his brother Antonio established Infinity Studio.

Since then, Ivan has so many duties here it’s even hard to imagine. “My responsibilities are quite a challenge,” he says. He not only records, mixes, and masters songs but also is responsible for music video recording. He takes a big role at Infinity Studio, being a scriptwriter, producer, director, cameraman, sound man, photograph director, light director editor, color grader/editor, and even more!

“In the end, it’s music and video production, and it has to be done professionally. I am glad I am receiving help from my brothers, otherwise I would be overloaded,” giggles Ivan.

Besides, he is a master of many audio and video software that helps him create the best results possible for Infinity Studio’s clients. For audio recording, he uses Fl Studio, Reaper, Ableton Live. The list of video recording tools is even longer: Sony Vegas, Premiere, After Effects, Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve, and, of course, the most popular photo editing programs Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

One of Ivan’s biggest goals is to make a feature film that will be remembered and enjoyed by people around the world. “I want to give my all in making my vision come to life. I tend to make my dream a goal and a real one. It would be nice to do something to be remembered by,” Ivan shares with his dreams.

In addition to music and video production creation, photography is a no-brainer for him, he also likes singing, anime, and astronomy. “I always felt like we are not alone in this vast space. Looking at the stars connects me to this life more than anything. It’s silly, but I do believe it,” - Ivan reveals his point of view.

“People tend to like that crazy part of me. It is because I am very supportive, and I help people out in any way I can. I wouldn’t call myself unique or special because, at the end of the day, we are all human,” he says.