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Irish rapper Ethan Fleming grew up in a small estate, which gave him great interpersonal skills and a strong ability to talk to people.


“My roots are everything to me. I see a lot of Irish artists trying to portray themselves as something that they aren’t, but for me being Irish is a blessing,” reveals the loyal client of Infinity Studio.


Ethan also believes that there aren’t many authentic Irish rappers, so he would like to create a market for true Irish rappers as he feels the Irish Rapping Market hasn’t reached the potential that it can.


As Ethan grew older, he faced a lot of difficult times concerning addictions and problems with authority, which reflects in his writing. “I use writing music as an escape from my problems, almost as a self-reflection of how my life is going and how I can change the way I act and carry myself in my everyday life,” says Ethan.




The first rap song he wrote was about rough times, and how he was treated badly by guards. “Our government does not treat our addicts with love and care rather with violence and hate. So my first song was about overcoming difficult times and that it’s possible to get yourself out of a hard time. There is always hope.”


Ethan wrote his first rap song during a show in school when he was fifteen only as a joke, but he admits that he suppressed himself.


“I always looked at rap, like how do they do that and all of a sudden I was doing it. I had the ambition to speak out about the misuse of authority and power in regards to how we govern the world and don’t help people in need,” says an open-minded musician.


Irish rap artist admits that he is inspired to create rap by masterminds like Aaron Unknown, J Cole, Wretch 32, and Bugzy Malone just because they share a similar vision and topic to what he does in his music.




“I love the rush of performance that gives you the butterflies in your belly and the adrenaline, as well as the psychological release of being able to talk about a hard time in a song.”


He also finds that storytelling is a huge part of writing his music because his true-life experiences are what inspires him to write lyrics and create music.


Ethan shares the 3 keys to writing a great song:


1: You need to have a good structure and know your intro/explanation, climax/peak, and conclusion for the song.

2: The lyrics have to connect with the beat of the song so that the right melody is portrayed to your audience.

3: Marketing is the key to success. You need to be able to successfully identify your target audience and which platforms will best allow you to reach your audience.


Ethan’s goals so far are to let people enjoy his music and see how far he can go with that. He also encourages his fans and anyone of us: “Do what you enjoy and follow your dreams.”