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Rap artist Enock Tounkara, professionally known as Mr. T Boy, moved to Ireland just a couple of years ago. He originally is from Guinea Conakry, the modern country in the continent of Africa, formally known as French Guinea. 

Enock’s music career started a long time ago, when he, inspired by Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Diamond Platnumz, and by his own life experience, wrote his first song, which was about the good life.

However, it took a while until he decided to take his career to the next level. Finally, he started recording his songs last year in 2019.

The musician believes that the most important thing about creating rap is the composition of the text and the use of the natural voice. He usually combines two languages in his songs, singing in the French language, which is his native language, and English. 


In his songs, the music artist encourages people to take action and deal with the issues that our generation is facing nowadays. "In my songs, I send the message about the reality of life, romantic love and push the new generation to wake up and do something," says Enock Tounkara.

The thing the rap artist enjoys most being a musician is not only to always be around people but also to share his feelings and messages through his music. 

However, there is always something that musicians find complicated about being a part of this profession. "I hate when I work hard on a song, and then it doesn't come how I wanted it to be," explains Enock.


Rap artist’s future goal as a musician is to keep his music up until he sees the end of his dream. And he is getting closer to his goal every day by motivating himself.

"Take in the good" and "I've done it before, and I can do it again" are sayings that I've decided to adopt. These phrases remind me to focus on the beauty around me, on the positive things in my life, and on everything I'm grateful for," Enock shares positive thoughts.

Besides, he promises his fans to give the best result possible: "The message I can give to my fans is to keep believing in me, and I will always give my best."