Dinesh Mauree

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Meet Dinesh Mauree, the head pastry chef of the Killarney Park Hotel, who makes miracles in the kitchen and creates a pure art from chocolate. Originally from Mauritius, Dinesh moved to Ireland 14 years ago. He is a proud Mauritian man, husband, and father of two girls. Also, he has already become popular in Killarney for his chocolate collection and delicious desserts!


“My passion for pastry came from my brother, who is an amazing pastry chef, and I admire him a lot. I always wanted to be a pastry chef artist but the one who can make people see the art and feel the taste of it. As a pastry chef, my comfort zone would be working with chocolate. The brand of chocolate that I have been using for years is Cacaobarry chocolate, and this brand has the best range of products,” Dinesh reveals his secret.


Also, Dinesh has created a signature Or Noir Cacao Barry Chocolate for The Killarney Park Hotel, which is unique in flavor with an aroma floral, smoky and woody and represents the Killarney garden.


Before Dinesh moved to Killarney, he collected a lot of experience working in the leading restaurants in Mauritius. Also, he was learning the art of making chocolate and how the cacao beans are grown around the world in Paris.