Danijel Baždarić

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Danijel, being a technician of Infinity Studio, assists with the gear and lighting. He is a big help when it comes to recording music videos as he handles equipment and helps to set it up.

“It is all about the family. This is the family, brothers, business, and I am happy being able to help my brothers out with the studio,” says Danijel.

Danijel graduated as a Computer Technician in Croatia, his hometown Zadar, and is a big fan of different kinds of computer games. It is simple - the new technologies are his biggest passion.

Even though he is doing pretty good in virtual life, his biggest dream is to be successful in real life, create a beautiful family, and to live a peaceful life.

We all have dreams, sometimes very intangible ones. However, Danijel’s dream is very clear: he would like to meet Lionel Messi, the well-known soccer player from the FC Barcelona team, and to have a real-life conversation about soccer, one of his biggest passions.

Danijel also used to play in the same soccer team as famous Croatian player Luka Modric, who now is a member of Real Madrid.