Antonio Baždarić

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Antonio Bazdaric, one of Infinity Studio founders, has always had a big passion for music and its industry. Therefore, he has been a singer-songwriter since he was 7.

During his musical journey, he has always been full of creative ideas, that is how not only the idea of Infinity Studio but also the real project was brought to life.

“The most challenging thing at the beginning was how to attract people to Infinity Studio. So we started with free recording sessions, and this strategy helped attract loyal customers,” giggles Antonio.

Antonio has many responsibilities managing Infinity Studio projects. He is a web designer, and he is also the person who helps to set the gear before recording music videos and even advises musicians on how they should act in front of the camera, helps with their lyrics and the ideas of a song.

“Recording music will be one of the duties that I will do shortly as I am currently learning how to use FL Studio software for music recording and creation,” says Antonio.

Besides FL Studio, Antonio uses Adobe Photoshop for editing photographs and creating designs and is familiar with sound recorder Audacity.

“If I could change anything about the music industry, I would bring back the good old quality sound in music. Before songs and lyrics had more meaning, there were more unique ideas,”- says Antonio.

One of the biggest future goals of Antonio is to make the Infinity Studio icon, so everyone knows about the studio. Also, his main music career goal would be: “To have my concerts on big stages, so a few thousand people will pay for the tickets to listen to my music, and then I can finally say: I did it,” smiles Croatian musician.

“I think the passion for music makes me unique. I put my whole soul into it when I perform.”

Antonio admits that music has always been his No. 1 hobby, and it is even more like a profession, not only just a hobby. However, besides that, he likes diving in the sea. As he says, being on the bottom of the sea is the best feeling ever.