Located in the heart of Killarney, Co. Kerry, Infinity Studio will help you grow your music career from concept to completion.


We collaborate with musicians and business companies to help them stand out from the crowd with high-quality audio and video content. Our rates are very competitive and the equipment we use has been carefully chosen to guarantee a desirable result of your project.

Our story

In May 2019, brothers Antonio and Ivan Bazdaric had a nice brother chat and decided to bring the idea of the studio to life.

Antonio, being a singer-songwriter, had a dream to record songs at his own studio, and his brother Ivan has always had a dream to create a feature film that will be remembered by people around the world. ⠀

So they launched the Infinity Studio, and now are improving together and helping other musicians to reach their goals.

Our mission
Why us?
Company values

Our mission is to help musicians deliver value through songs and music videos and spread awareness of the music industry.

With us, you can record both songs and video clips. So you will get the complete package of services at the same place. 

Commitment - our hard work and clients over everything else.


Creativity - we believe creativity helps our clients stand out from others.

Self Improvement - never stop learning, never stop evolving into who we want to be. 

Sharing - sharing useful tips with our clients and spreading awareness of the music industry. 


The Team

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Antonio Bazdaric

Antonio Baždarić

Founder, Web Designer, Singer/Songwriter, Lighting, Music Recording

Ivan Baždarić

Ivan Baždarić

Founder, Video Recording/Editing, Music Recording/Mastering

Aušra Katinaitė

Aušra Katinaitė

Marketing specialist, Content creator, Copywriter 

Danijel Baždarić

Danijel Baždarić

Lighting, Technician